Series 2 - Episode 4 Revelation



As conditions worsen in Chester's Mill, Big Jim and Rebecca consider resorting to population control, which drives a wedge between Barbie and Julia. Big Jim, however, is shocked to discover that Rebecca has been working on a deadly strain of a flu virus that is strong enough to kill a quarter of the town's population. Barbie tries to help the teens uncover more about Melanie, and an old newspaper article provides some answers. Elsewhere, Lyle persuades Junior to release him from jail. Sci-fi drama based on Stephen King's novel, starring Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre and Dean Norris.

Cast & Crew

Dale `Barbie' Barbara Mike Vogel
Julia Shumway Rachelle Lefevre
James `Big Jim' Rennie Dean Norris
Joe McAlister Colin Ford
Junior Rennie Alexander Koch
Norrie Calvert-Hill Mackenzie Lintz
Sam Verdreaux Eddie Cahill
Rebecca Pine Karla Crome
Phil Bushey Nicholas Strong
Melanie Cross Grace Victoria Cox
Lyle Chumley Dwight Yoakam
Pauline Rennie Sherry Stringfield
Director Holly Dale
Executive Producer Jack Bender
Executive Producer Justin Falvey
Executive Producer Neal Baer
Executive Producer Darryl Frank
Executive Producer Stephen King
Executive Producer Stacey Snider
Executive Producer Steven Spielberg
Executive Producer Brian K Vaughan
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