Series 9 - Episode 13 Naturama



The season comes to a close with a trio of wildlife documentaries reimagining the Planet Express crew as various creatures. First up are Fry and Leela as a pair of salmon whose hopes of love seem doomed when they realise they come from different streams. Then, Professor Hubert becomes a rare island tortoise named Lonesome Hubert who sets off on a 100-mile trek to find his perfect match, before a group of clown seals try to thwart a rebellion by their tyrannical alpha - who bears more than a passing resemblance to Bender.

Cast & Crew

Philip J Fry/Prof Farnsworth/Dr Zoidberg Billy West
Leela Katey Sagal
Bender/Sal/Igner John DiMaggio
Linda/Petunia/Mom/Ndnd Tress MacNeille
Kif Kroker/Morbo/Brrr/Walt Maurice LaMarche
Hermes Conrad Phil LaMarr
Amy Wong Lauren Tom
Scruffy/Larry David Herman
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Drama Comedy