Series 9 - Episode 10 Lice



Jim is spending a couple of days every week in Philadelphia, leaving Pam alone to hold the fort at home. She’s already struggling, but things get just that bit more, well, hairy when she catches lice from her daughter and infects half of the office. She tries to cover her tracks and let Meredith take the blame, until it all gets a bit out of hand…

Dwight is especially unhappy about the lice outbreak, although it does mean he gets to crack out his hazmat suit (“If you rent more than four times a year it just makes sense to buy”). He and Erin, a pro at tackling lice thanks to a childhood of foster care, lead the charge against the creatures, aka “follicle gypsies”.

The solution? Teaming up to lather mayonnaise onto each other’s heads to suffocate the lice, an enterprise that proves a bonding experience for Pete and Erin but pure torture for Oscar.


Dwight vows to destroy the lice Pam has accidentally brought into the office, while Jim heads to Philadelphia to woo a potential business associate. Phyllis, Nellie and Kevin all meddle in Darryl's love life.

Cast & Crew

Dwight Schrute Rainn Wilson
Pam Halpert Jenna Fischer
Jim Halpert John Krasinski
Phyllis Vance Phyllis Smith
Nellie Bertram Catherine Tate
Kevin Malone Brian Baumgartner
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