One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 6 - Episode 2



“I’ve never been through labour,” says anaesthetist Tim, blithely stating the obvious, “but it looks quite uncomfortable… I had an ear infection once and that was horrible,” he adds. Feeling “quite uncomfortable” on Bristol’s maternity ward in this edition are personal trainer Rob and Sarah. They can’t agree on a name so she offers him a deal: “If the baby’s born today you can call it Zeus, if it comes tomorrow it will be Dexter.” Fingers crossed for you, Sarah.

Panting away next door is Kate and free spirit Ollie, who are having a hypno-birth, while down the corridor is Rachel and her partner Marion, who is 30 weeks pregnant with twins.


When Marion, 30, and Rachel, 32, wanted to start a family they went in search of a sperm donor and ended up with twins, but at their 30-week scan, the couple are told one of the babies is not growing properly and they must return to Southmead Hospital the next day for a C-section. Image-conscious Sarah, 28, and her husband, 40-year-old personal trainer Rob, reach a compromise over baby names in the delivery suite, while 39-year-old Ollie arrives armed with blankets, rugs and all the essentials to make sure his expectant wife, 33-year-old Kate, is as comfortable as possible.

Cast & Crew

Director Lucy Hazzard
Executive Producer Sarah Swingler
Producer Lucy Hazzard
Series Producer Amy Joyce