The Big Bang Theory

The Status Quo Combustion

Series 7 - Episode 24 The Status Quo Combustion



Penny and Leonard impart their big news to the group, only for Raj to top it. But the announcement has ramifications that not just contravene Leonard and Sheldon’s room-mate agreement but toss it in the bin and set fire to it. Already smarting from the university’s heavy-handedness, Sheldon is flustered to the point of tears.

His difficulty in accepting change is both cannily written – it mirrors our own in the face of a show that might, itself, be adapting – and sweetly played by Jim Parsons. The moment he says, “I am overwhelmed” is a choker.

Bravely, then, there’s darkness in this series finale, but also solutions, silver linings... and a zero-to-hero smile on the face of the permanently crestfallen Stuart.

Big Bang is back in the autumn. Not a moment too soon.


Sheldon becomes upset about his career, the destruction of the comic-book store and Leonard and Penny's future living arrangements. Elsewhere, Howard is unable to keep hold of a carer for his mother. Comedy, staring Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco.

Cast & Crew

Leonard Hofstadter Johnny Galecki
Sheldon Cooper Jim Parsons
Penny Kaley Cuoco
Howard Wolowitz Simon Helberg
Raj Koothrappali Kunal Nayyar
Amy Farrah Fowler Mayim Bialik
Bernadette Rostenkowski Melissa Rauch
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