The World's Best Diet

The World's Best Diet

Series 1



No, it’s not the pomegranate detox or the curly kale regime or whatever unappetising fad Hollywood’s scrawniest have been espousing of late. This is far more interesting than that: a countdown show ranking the diets of 50 countries, with presenters Jimmy Doherty and Kate Quilton jetting around the world sampling some of the least and most healthy.

The Mediterranean diet gets high scores, but it won’t come as any surprise that other results are more intriguing. Who would have thought the Ethiopians could teach us a thing or two? Or that we should be devouring fermented cabbage daily like the South Koreans?


Food Unwrapped presenters Jimmy Doherty and Kate Quilton travel the globe examining the eating habits of a variety of countries, tribes and communities, revealing how dietary tendencies have changed radically since the 1960s. Experts help them rank 50 of the world's diets, from worst to best, as they explore the differences and surprising similarities between what people, thousands of miles apart, consume. Will their discoveries offer an insight into how individuals can improve their health and quality of life?

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jimmy Doherty
Presenter Kate Quilton
Director Lana Salah
Executive Producer Claudia Lewis
Producer Lana Salah