NCIS: Los Angeles

Spoils of War

Series 5 - Episode 19 Spoils of War



The agents race to Afghanistan to rescue Kensi from the clutches of the Taliban, hoping a grim photograph depicting their colleague as dead is a fake. An emotional Deeks is determined to squeeze information out of a blind Muslim cleric who has been visited by a Taliban courier - but how far will he go to find out what he needs? Meanwhile, the truth about the White Ghost operation is revealed.

Cast & Crew

G Callen Chris O'Donnell
Marty Deeks Eric Christian Olsen
Eric Beale Barrett Foa
Nell Jones Renee Felice Smith
Owen Granger Miguel Ferrer
Henrietta `Hetty' Lange Linda Hunt
Sam Hanna LL Cool J
Vostanik Sabatino Erik Palladino
Jack Simon Matthew Del Negro
Sgt Rabee Makar Nicholas Guilak
Mullah Muhammad Houshang Touzie
Sgt Sajadi Dylan Ramsey
Khatira Nina Nelson
Taliban leader Ali Olomi
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