The Whale

Series 9 - Episode 7 The Whale



Andy may be floating somewhere in the middle of the ocean, emphatically sunburnt and faintly hysterical, but it’s business as usual back in Scranton. Dwight gets the chance to make a bid for a huge sales contract – the White Pages, aka the White Whale.

When his female colleagues find out he’ll be selling to a woman, they stage an intervention. His technique (“I will tell her what her needs are and then fill them”) needs a little work, so they lay down some ground rules: “don’t compliment her body”, “don’t insult her body”, etc. Yet it all goes out of the window when Dwight realises just who he’s selling to (hint: she’s got very glossy hair and an angelic singing voice).

Elsewhere, Toby encourages the men to take part in Movember (mainly, it seems, to show off his own “fertile hair glands”), Jim struggles to make his long-distance business work, and Oscar starts squirming when Angela confides in him that she thinks The Senator is having an affair.


Dwight struggles to sell to a female client, so the women staff help him improve his skills. Elsewhere, Angela suspects her love is cheating on her, Andy uses technology to connect him to others from his boat, and Toby encourages the men to grow moustaches.

Cast & Crew

Dwight Schrute Rainn Wilson
Angela Lipton Angela Kinsey
Andy Bernard Ed Helms
Toby Flenderson Paul Lieberstein