The Boat

Series 9 - Episode 6 The Boat



Andy is dealing with the fallout from his family’s bankruptcy, which essentially means he must decide whether or not to sell their boat to raise some much-needed cash. He’s reluctant to let go of his dream of captaining the Bernard ship, so Erin (who is becoming far too good for Andy) is determined to find a way to make that happen. Look out for a cameo from Josh Groban as Walter, Andy’s charmless alcoholic brother.

Elsewhere, Dwight is invited to do an interview with a local radio station, but when it’s cancelled Nellie spots an opportunity to have a bit of fun. She poses as the radio host and embroils Dwight in an ever-escalating, entirely fictional toxic paper scandal – but Dwight’s not worried: “This is gotcha journalism! Well, they’re not gonna gotch me.”

Oscar, meanwhile, must contain a jubilant Kevin, who knows about his affair with The Senator. Beware: there are some very cheap laughs when an unwitting Angela talks about her tired husband wanting “a little Mexican brought in” for dinner.


Andy offers some financial help to his family after his father loses all of their money, while Dwight makes a guest appearance on a radio show - and has to deal with a host of troublesome callers. Elsewhere, Kevin learns a secret about Oscar.

Cast & Crew

Dwight Schrute Rainn Wilson
Andy Bernard Ed Helms
Kevin Malone Brian Baumgartner
Oscar Martinez Oscar Nunez