A Necessary Evil

Series 5 - Episode 7 A Necessary Evil



Allison is again visited by the ghost of Agent Cooper, who tries to help her uncover the identity of a murderer. However, his enthusiasm becomes increasingly unsettling, making her unsure of whether to follow his advice. Starring Patricia Arquette and Kurtwood Smith.

Cast & Crew

Joe DuBois Jake Weber
Allison DuBois Patricia Arquette
Det Lee Scanlon David Cubitt
Ariel DuBois Sofia Vassilieva
Manuel Devalos Miguel Sandoval
FBI Agent Edward Cooper Kurtwood Smith
Brandon Charlie McDermott
Hal Monzel John Ales
Terry Cavanaugh Ned Schmidtke
Adam Dietz Eddie Driscoll
Douglas Reilly Roy Abramsohn
Rachel Stetson Maura M Knowles
Young man Josh Holt
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