A Person of Interest

Series 5 - Episode 3 A Person of Interest



Allison works on a cold case from 17 years previously, and begins to exhibit unusual behaviour that may be pivotal in solving the mystery. However, her odd actions also put her family at risk. Meanwhile, Joe's dinner invitation to a colleague yields surprising results. Starring Patricia Arquette.

Cast & Crew

Allison DuBois Patricia Arquette
Manuel Devalos Miguel Sandoval
Joe DuBois Jake Weber
Bridgette DuBois Maria Lark
Ariel DuBois Sofia Vassilieva
Det Lee Scanlon David Cubitt
David Brewer/Arlo Slocumb Kevin Corrigan
Young Arlo Slocumb Ezno Rossi
Reporter Eileen Gonzales
Blonde teenager Stephanie Patton
Mother Peggy Goss
Psychiatrist Angela Bullock
Balding man Mark Colson
Young boy Cade Canon Ball
Obese man Richard Skinner
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