Brown-Eyed Girls

Series 6 - Episode 19 Brown-Eyed Girls



An excellent opening to tonight’s episode. Lisbon is on a date with Pike (her new boyfriend – ugh – from the art crime squad) and he invites her to see his band playing a gig.  She’s intrigued, but then Jane keeps ringing. Why? Because he just bumped into a guy who dropped his shopping (those paper bags Americans use instead of carriers) and from the stuff he picked up Jane deduces that the guy has abducted a woman and she’s in danger.  

So he ruins Lisbon’s date and the upshot is they uncover a trafficking ring – a storyline that looks set to continue. But more to the point for long-term fans, there’s a muted final scene between Jane and Lisbon that has all the barely-there hints at deep emotion they do so well. For "shippers" (online slang for fans who root for the leads to enter a relationship), it’s heartrending stuff.


A chance encounter with a suspicious-looking person leads Jane to uncover a vast human-trafficking operation, while Lisbon remains tempted by Special Agent Pike's invitation to move with him to Washington, DC. Crime drama, guest starring Titus Welliver (The Good Wife, Deadwood), with Simon Baker and Robin Tunney.

Cast & Crew

Patrick Jane Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon Robin Tunney
Kimball Cho Tim Kang
Kim Fischer Emily Swallow
Dennis Abbott Rockmond Dunbar
Marcus Pike Pedro Pascal
Jason Wylie Joe Adler
Thaddeus Delahay Nick Van Esmarch
Leanne Cole Mia Faith
Daniela Welker Zuleyka Silver
Claudia Fornham Carol Kiernan
Cody Sherman Kelly Donohue
Ramon Joey Gaytan
Ali Qasmi Hari Dhillon
Ray Qasmi Yan Feldman
Michael Ridley Titus Welliver
Anthony Tremmel John Hensley
Director Sylvain White
Executive Producer Bruno Heller
Executive Producer Daniel Cerone
Executive Producer Chris Long
Executive Producer Eoghan Mahony
Executive Producer Tom Szentgyorgyi
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