Murdoch Mysteries

The Spy Who Came Up to the Cold

Series 7 - Episode 15 The Spy Who Came Up to the Cold



The US president is assassinated and the Canadian government becomes concerned that some of the assassin's co-conspirators may try to make their way north to avoid US authorities, drawing the detective into a game of espionage. Crime drama, starring Yannick Bisson.

Cast & Crew

Det William Murdoch Yannick Bisson
Dr Julia Ogden Helene Joy
Cons George Crabtree Jonny Harris
Insp Thomas Brackenreid Thomas Craig
Dr Emily Grace Georgina Reilly
Cons Henry Higgins Lachlan Murdoch
Terrence Meyers Peter Keleghan
Leslie Garland Giacomo Gianniotti
Allen Clegg Matthew Bennett
Director Sudz Sutherland
Writer Adam Barken
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