Horrible Histories with Stephen Fry

Horrible Histories with Stephen Fry

Series 1 - Episode 1



Ever tried explaining the Restoration to a seven-year-old? Just ask if they remember the “King Who Liked Partying” rap from Horrible Histories. When they say yes, you tell them it was when that one, Charles II, came to the throne, and they’ll nod knowingly.
Almost all the history under-tens know comes from CBBC’s sketch show, brilliantly adapted from Terry Deary’s books. Now BBC1 has recut some of the best sketches and added links by Stephen Fry, which bring a dash of QI. Highlights of the first episode include the heavy-metal Vikings and Oliver Cromwell — as much fun as stinging-nettle underpants.


New series. The comedian links this compilation of highlights from the first two series of the award-winning sketch show which makes history fun. King Charles II raps about his lavish lifestyle, Helen of Troy charts her complicated romantic life and Shakespeare appears on Mastermind. With Matthew Baynton, Jim Howick, Martha Howe-Douglas, Laurence Rickard and Ben Willbond.
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