Series 1 - Episode 11 Stormfront



Jack is offered his dream job in Philadelphia, and Olivia's ex-husband Stan reveals his plan to move back to Cedar Cove. Meanwhile, Maryellen investigates John's past by taking a trip to Tacoma, but her prying drives a wedge between them.

Cast & Crew

Olivia Lockhart Andie MacDowell
Justine Lockhart Sarah Smyth
Jack Griffith Dylan Neal
Grace Sherman Teryl Rothery
Charlotte Jeffers Paula Shaw
Eric Griffith Tom Stevens
Will Jeffers Cameron Bancroft
Bob Beldon Bruce Boxleitner
Maryellen Sherman Elyse Levesque
Moon Timothy Webber
John Bowman Charlie Carrick
Cliff Harting Sebastian Spence
Stan Lockhart Andrew Airlie
Director Martin Wood
Executive Producer Harvey Kahn
Executive Producer Debbie Macomber
Executive Producer Michael Scott
Executive Producer Dan Wigutow
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