Hollywood's Best Film Directors

Rob Reiner

Series 1 - Episode 12 Rob Reiner

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If the mark of a good director is their eclecticism, Rob Reiner is more than deserving of his place at the A-list table. Even if all he'd ever directed was the hugely influential mockumentary classic This is Spinal Tap, his reputation would be assured.

Although he never went on to pursue that mode of film-making, he subsequently proved adept in a variety of different styles, with hits including the wry rom-com When Harry Met Sally... and the military courtroom drama A Few Good Men.

In this profile he talks about the challenges of making these films, as well as the sensitive process of directing young actors in his glorious coming-of-age heartbreaker, Stand By Me.


An interview with film-maker Rob Reiner, whose directing credits include A Few Good Men, Misery, When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride, Stand by Me and This Is Spinal Tap.