Posh Pawn

Series 1 - Episode 1



Posh Pawn, a one-off documentary about high-end pawn shops, did well for Channel 4 last year, so inevitably we now have a series in the same, by numbers, jaunty vein.

James Constantinou runs pawnbroking shops in affluent Surrey, specialising in luxury or one-off items. His clients range from the very wealthy to the not at all wealthy. Ingrid wants to start a riding business and, despite living in a £1.5 million house, needs £40,000 in ready cash to get things moving, so she pawns a beautiful heirloom diamond necklace.

At the other end of the social scale is would-be chanteuse and single mum Marcella, who wants to kick-start a music and songwriting career. She, too, has a necklace she hopes will be worth a fortune. 

Posh Pawn takes us by the hand as James and his team examine the gems and keep us all waiting with dramatic pauses as values are revealed. Cheesy.


Staff are amazed by two diamond necklaces owned by very different clients, but Patrick suspects one could be fake upon closer inspection. Behind the scenes at a Surrey pawnbrokers.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Tess Cuming
Series Producer Bethan Arwel-Lewis