Lost in Space

Series 9 - Episode 18 Lost in Space



A woozy, almost romantic episode has been tucked away late by BBC3 “Love? There’s no such thing as love!” scoffs Emperor Zing, the leader of Roger’s alien race: “It’s just a pathetic notion that you lesser life forms cling to so you don’t feel alone.” To recap, Roger has let Hayley’s stoner husband Jeff be abducted into the emperor’s hideous ship, where, unless Jeff can prove his love for Hayley, unmentionable things will happen to him.

What unfolds on the mega-ship – a giant shopping mall containing the emperor’s favourite shops from around the universe – is a lurid but touching space fairy-tale involving kebabs, shape-shifters and a guest turn from US actor-comedian Sinbad.


In the 150th episode of the animated comedy, Jeff is stranded on Roger's home planet, and must prove to the evil Emperor Zing that he was always in love with Hayley. However, no one has yet succeeded in passing such a test.

Cast & Crew

Stan/Roger Seth MacFarlane
Hayley Rachael MacFarlane
Francine Wendy Schaal
Jeff Jeff Fischer
Comedy Drama Sitcom