Death Has No Dominion

Series 15 - Episode 1 Death Has No Dominion



Feature-length episode. The team attends a triple murder at a farmhouse, where the investigating detective, Supt Tom Byrne, wastes no time making his presence felt. The pathologists soon make a breakthrough when DNA found at the scene matches that of a mysterious female serial killer - although Nikki has cause to question the direction they are heading in. The case is proving difficult for Leo, however, whose mind is in turmoil following the suicide of an old friend. Guest starring Vincent Regan and Shelley Conn.

Cast & Crew

Dr Harry Cunningham Tom Ward
Dr Nikki Alexander Emilia Fox
Prof Leo Dalton William Gaminara
Janet Jaye Griffiths
Det Supt Tom Byrne Vincent Regan
DI Connie James Shelley Conn
Wraith Helen Sheals
Mary Annabel Canaven
Simon Avery Adrian Lukis
Lizzie Fraser Victoria Wicks
Greg Matheson James Larkin
Lee David Kirkbride
Dave Jacob Anderson
Luke Nicholas Fagg
DS Winter Adam Best
Ursula Lynda Rooke
Mick Nick Hobbs
DI Ginny Gray Kirsty Bushell
Director Andy Hay
Producer Richard Burrell
Writer Ed Whitmore
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