Murdoch Mysteries

Blast of Silence

Series 7 - Episode 17 Blast of Silence



A local industrialist is tied to the top of a telephone pole with a noise-activated bomb strapped to his chest. While Murdoch and his colleagues deal with the dilemma, Mayor Clarkson orders nearby businesses to be shut down to minimise sound pollution. However, the politician finds himself the criminal's next target. Drama, starring Yannick Bisson.

Cast & Crew

Det William Murdoch Yannick Bisson
Insp Thomas Brackenreid Thomas Craig
Dr Julia Ogden Helene Joy
Cons George Crabtree Jonny Harris
Dr Emily Grace Georgina Reilly
Cons Henry Higgins Lachlan Murdoch
Cons Slugger Jackson Kristian Bruun
Mayor Clarkson David Huband
Richard Welsh Tom Barnett
Cecily Welsh Chantal Craig
Deputy Mayor Patrick Galligan
Travis Macquire Gord Rand
Bradley Fowler Michael Spencer-Davis
Mrs Pike Irene Poole
Wallace Pike Jeffrey Knight
Director Peter Mitchell
Writer Peter Mitchell
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