Series 1 - Episode 4



A group of Dutch women arrives at the camp, laden down with valuable possessions, and attempt to lord it over the British - so Marion sets out to find common ground with their formidable leader. Second World War drama, with Ann Bell, Patricia Lawrence and Louise Jameson.

Cast & Crew

Marion Jefferson Ann Bell
Rose Millar Stephanie Beacham
Sister Ulrica Patricia Lawrence
Beatrice Mason Stephanie Cole
Blanche Simmons Louise Jameson
Dorothy Bennett Veronica Roberts
Sylvia Ashburton Renee Asherson
Mrs Van Meyer Elizabeth Chambers
Nellie Keene Jeananne Crowley
Sally Markham Joanna Hole
Capt Yamauchi Burt Kwouk
Lt Hoshi Sato Eiji Kusuhara
Christina Campbell Emily Bolton
Kate Norris Claire Oberman
Director Pennant Roberts
Writer Anne Valery
Writer Lavinia Warner
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