Here Comes Treble

Series 9 - Episode 5 Here Comes Treble



It’s Halloween, which means well-marshalled snacks, sophisticated costumes, and a speech from The Senator – at least if party-planning machine Angela has anything to do with it.


But this year it’s Andy who takes charge of the entertainment, enlisting Cornell’s a capella group – nattily named Here Comes Treble – to perform. It’s a suitably scary surprise, at least for Dwight (“What lab did these little clones escape from?”).


Luckily he’s distracted by a yellow pill he finds under the sofa – “it’s not for worms or eczema like any normal pill” – and embarks on a mission to find the mentally unstable pill-taker.


And when the big Here Comes Treble finale Andy (a former Trebler) was hoping for doesn’t materialise, Erin is moved to intervene – despite her total bewilderment at the art of a capella. “When you’re with someone,” she reasons, “you put up with the stuff that makes you lose respect for them.”


Andy invites his former college a cappella group Here Comes Treble to perform for the staff during Halloween. Meanwhile, Dwight tries to track down a madman in the office, and Jim and Pam fight over his new job.

Cast & Crew

Andy Bernard Ed Helms
Dwight Schrute Rainn Wilson
Jim Halpert John Krasinski
Pam Halpert Jenna Fischer