A Dark Day

Series 2 - Episode 20 A Dark Day



In a crossover episode with spin-off series Chicago PD, the team tries to combat a massive explosion. With the city in chaos, it's all hands on deck to save as many people as possible and prevent further disaster. The firefighters have never encountered such carnage and, when it emerges one of their own is missing in the blast, there's no question that work and life as they know it will be changed forever.

Cast & Crew

Matthew Casey Jesse Spencer
Kelly Severide Taylor Kinney
Wallace Boden Eamonn Walker
Christopher Herrmann David Eigenberg
Gabriela Dawson Monica Raymund
Leslie Shay Lauren German
Peter Mills Charlie Barnett
Randy `Mouch' McHolland Christian Stolte
Otis Yuri Sardarov
Joe Cruz Joe Minoso
Jeff Clarke Jeff Hephner
Spellman John Hoogenakker
Benny Severide Treat Williams
Rebecca Daisy Betts
Donna Melissa Ponzio
Erin Lindsay Sophia Bush
Det Voight Jason Beghe
Chief Jones Gene Weygandt
Antonio Dawson Jon Seda
Det Jay Halstead Jesse Lee Soffer
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