The Deer Hunters

Series 4 - Episode 3 The Deer Hunters

Thu 28 Jun 8pm - 10pm ITV3
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Vera Stanhope, the careworn detective, rubs shoulders with the upper classes in a tale of murder and poaching on the lowering Northumberland Fells. But we all know that money doesn’t talk to Vera (Brenda Blethyn) because she listens to people’s souls as she gets to grips with a disappointingly flat story about troubled families and their tormented histories.

A young man’s body is found in a quarry. Close by is the burnt-out wreckage of a poacher’s van, complete with two crisped deer carcasses. The lord of the manor runs a deer shoot nearby and there’s talk of a falling-out with the dead man over the sale of some land. As Vera digs into everyone’s backgrounds, she unearths secrets and lies.


The body of a man killed by a single gunshot wound is discovered on the moors and a burnt-out truck containing the remains of a deer is found a mile away. Joe is convinced the case is a poaching war gone wrong, but for Vera, the truth is never that straightforward. Delving into the victim's story, she unearths a sad childhood in the country and a troubled life in the city, scraping by as a novelist. Following the recent death of his grandfather, he returned to Northumberland after a 15-year absence to sell his inheritance to a wealthy couple - but pulled out of the deal at the last minute. Could his death be linked to a dispute over land? Brenda Blethyn and David Leon star in the murder mystery.

Cast & Crew

DCI Vera Stanhope Brenda Blethyn
DS Joe Ashworth David Leon
DC Kenny Lockhart Jon Morrison
DC Rebecca Shepherd Clare Calbraith
Will Peyton Richard Dillane
Allen Barnes Clive Russell
Linus Campion William Ash
Vanessa Barnes Kellie Bright
Clara Peyton Lisa Kay
Marcus Summer Kingsley Ben-Adir
Bella Colley Anna Francolini
Donald Colley Robert Morgan
Eric Hurst Caolan Byrne
Saskia Barnes Charlotte Hope
Louis Barnes Aiden Nord
Eve Jamshidi Souad Faress
Terry Greg Patmore
Bailiff Connie Walker
Social worker Flo Wilson
Director Will Sinclair
Executive Producer Elaine Collins
Producer Margaret Mitchell
Writer Steve Coombes
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