Two Plane Rides

Series 3 - Episode 12 Two Plane Rides



Hurray! There’s been a sighting of Caroline! Probably because that’s what season finales are for – forgotten characters turning up completely implausibly just to plug a gaping plot hole – but it’s nice to see her nonetheless. 

There’s more good news in the form of an important letter for Hannah, though it only complicates her already fractious relationship with Adam. In her typically selfless, tactful way, she decides the best time to share her life-changing news with her boyfriend is right before he’s due to make his Broadway debut…

Poor old Shoshanna is also having a terrible time of it, not least because the useless Jessa is still cluttering up her apartment. Marnie picks the worst possible time to develop a conscience, coming clean with Shoshanna right after she gets some tantrum-inducing news. Jessa, meanwhile, is kept occupied with yet another entirely ludicrous subplot.

Those who hated the rom-com neatness of last season’s finale will be pleased with the ambiguity of tonight’s ending, which gives few clues as to where the Girls will be come season four next year.


As Adam's Broadway debut arrives, Hannah receives news that could change the direction of her life. Meanwhile, Marnie picks a bad time to share a secret with Shoshanna and Jessa's boss asks her for a strange favour. Comedy, starring Lena Dunham.

Cast & Crew

Hannah Horvath Lena Dunham
Marnie Michaels Allison Williams
Jessa Johansson Jemima Kirke
Shoshanna Shapiro Zosia Mamet
Adam Sackler Adam Driver
Ray Ploshansky Alex Karpovsky
Elijah Andrew Rannells
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Drama Comedy