The Widower

Series 1 - Episode 3



It’s taken a long time, but justice is at last hovering on the outskirts of murderer Malcolm Webster’s life. Sadly, it has a short reach – although police fear that his girlfriend Simone is in serious danger from a man who murdered his first wife, they are powerless to intervene.

But dogged Detective Sergeant Charlie Henry (John Hannah) won’t give up and takes on the role as a crumpled guardian angel to Simone (The Good Wife’s Archie Panjabi). She’s outraged that detectives are “harassing” her partner (Reece Shearsmith), a man suffering from cancer with a poor prognosis. Neither is true; Webster is a liar who wants Simone’s money. As we reach the final episode of Jeff Pope’s unsettling dramatisation, Webster’s greed overtakes him.


DS Henry raids Malcolm's home after hearing he's embezzling funds at an angling club, and finds stolen laptops as well as an unlicensed firearm - but legal technicalities result in the case being dropped. The detective then discovers Malcolm and Simone are planning a transatlantic trip and fears the killer could use this opportunity to murder his fiancee. Will he be able to warn her before it's too late? Fact-based drama, starring Reece Shearsmith, John Hannah and Archie Panjabi.

Cast & Crew

Malcolm Webster Reece Shearsmith
David Orr Roy Sampson
Simone Banerjee Archie Panjabi
DS Charlie Henry John Hannah
DC Jarvis Paul Blair
DCI Neil Thompson Alex Ferns
Trisha Joanna Roth
Elaine Henry Kate Arneil
Brian Drumm James Laurenson
Felicity Webster Kate Fleetwood
Procurator Fiscal Ian Cairns
Harbourmaster Geoff McGivern
Grampian DI James Sutherland
Director Paul Whittington
Executive Producer Jeff Pope
Producer Kwadjo Dajan
Writer Jeff Pope
Writer James Barton
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