Law & Order: UK

I Predict a Riot

Series 8 - Episode 3 I Predict a Riot



The various Law & Order series are well known (in the US, at least) for running storylines “ripped from the headlines” – using adapted real-life cases, while claiming any resemblance is pure coincidence.

Tonight the L&O UK writers look like they’re ahead of the game with a storyline about racism, corruption and cover-ups in the Metropolitan Police that chimes uncomfortably with recent news.

Don’t expect profound truths about policing and justice, mind: all characters (particularly Peter Davison’s huffing-and-puffing CPS boss) are two-dimensional and all dice are loaded. But among the guest stars is the late Roger Lloyd Pack, in one of his very last screen roles.


While working with the drug squad, Ronnie and Joe find a skeleton that has been hidden inside the boot of a car in the River Thames. It turns out to be the remains of Taylor Kane, an undercover policeman who went missing in the 1980s - around the time of the Brixton riots. Through clever detection, unsettling evidence is unearthed and the team knows it must raise issues the police would rather forget. Drama, starring Bradley Walsh and Ben Bailey Smith, and featuring one of the last performances by Roger Lloyd-Pack, who died in January.

Cast & Crew

Ronnie Brooks Bradley Walsh
Joe Hawkins Ben Bailey Smith
Wes Leyton Paterson Joseph
Jacob Thorne Dominic Rowan
Kate Barker Georgia Taylor
Henry Sharpe Peter Davison
Dave Simmons Craige Els
Frank Lace Akpojaro
River police officer Pasha Bocarie
Eleanor Annabel Mullion
Rebecca Houghton Ellen Thomas
Nikki Carroll Jenny Jules
Pete Langham Antony Byrne
Darren Grady Ralph Brown
Maurice Bennett Michael Cronin
Alex Greene Roger Lloyd Pack
Terry Wilson Graham Cole
Philip Nevins Pip Torrens
Justice Prentice Paul Darrow
Angela Jessica Gunning
Police commissioner Don Warrington
Journalist Chereen Buckley
Director Mat King
Executive Producer Dick Wolf
Executive Producer Jane Featherstone
Producer Jane Hudson
Writer Richard Stokes
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