The Secret Fate of All Life

Series 1 - Episode 5 The Secret Fate of All Life



Another episode that doesn't just change the game; it upends the table, shoots someone and runs off. The viewer never fully knowing what this show is fundamentally about is perhaps its greatest strength. Here, though, it's broadly about time. It ends with Rust Cohle, the 2012 drunk-drifter version, flattening a beer can and opining that linear time is an illusion. What will happen, has happened.

Very quickly, the 1995 Marty and Rust wrap up the Dora Lange case, albeit not at all in the way their post-hoc narration claims, and we shoot on to 2002, when we know the pair will cataclysmically fall out. How? Not clear yet. But we do discover why those other cops in 2012 want to know…


In 1995, Ginger and Cohle meet with Reggie Ledoux's cousin Dewall to try to set up a drug deal, but he refuses and leaves. Hart follows him and he and Cohle find the Ledouxs' hidden meth lab in the bayou, where the detectives make a shocking discovery. In 2002, tensions rise in the Hart household as Audrey rebels against her father, while Cohle gets a surprise while trying to get a confession out of a suspected murderer. Crime drama, starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

Cast & Crew

Rustin Cohle Matthew McConaughey
Martin Hart Woody Harrelson
Maggie Hart Michelle Monaghan
Det Maynard Gilbough Michael Potts
Det Thomas Papania Tory Kittles
Maj Ken Quesada Kevin Dunn
Reggie Ledoux Charles Halford
Ginger Joseph Sikora
Dewall Ledoux Ollafur Darri Olafsson
Audrey Hart Madison Wolfe
Director Cary Joji Fukunaga
Writer Nic Pizzolatto
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