A Touch of Frost

Deep Waters

Series 4 - Episode 5 Deep Waters



A student is attacked on campus, and Jack takes time off from questioning two robbery suspects to catch the thug responsible before he can strike again. The trail leads him to Boxborough - where a confrontation with a belligerent solicitor provides the clue he needs to crack the case. Starring David Jason, Bruce Alexander, John Lyons, Charlotte Bellamy and Tazmin Malleson. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

DI Jack Frost David Jason
Supt Mullett Bruce Alexander
DS Toolan John Lyons
Helen Tudor Tamzin Malleson
Adam Weston Damian Lewis
Dr Keith Michaelson Jonathan Hyde
Sgt Wells Paul Moriarty
Sandy Longford Bill Stewart
Anil Manchandani Amerjit Deu
Jamie Merrick Charlotte Bellamy
Tony Jarvis Darren Tighe
Rod Bainbridge Francis Magee
PC Timms George Thompson
Suzanne Michaelson Gillian Bevan
Gareth King Ian Curtis
Peter Bainbridge Jay Simpson
DC Ketley Jim Shepley
PC Lindsey Hunter Katrina Levon
Richard Martin Walsh
DS Clive Barnard Matt Bardock
Ken Tudor Paul Alexander
Caretaker Peter Needham
Laura Rachel Lumberg
Simon Marsh Simon Coates
Mrs Jarvis Stephanie Turner
Sgt Johnson Stuart Barren
Director Don Leaver
Executive Producer David Reynolds
Executive Producer Richard Bates
Executive Producer Philip Burley
Producer Simon Lewis
Writer Christopher Russell
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