Inspector De Luca

The Damned Season

Series 1 - Episode 3 The Damned Season



If this Italian import got off to a mediocre start, it has picked up and this third film, based on Carlo Lucarelli’s book The Damned Season, is the most engrossing so far. It’s June 1945, the war in Europe is finally over but Italy is in turmoil. Partisans are rounding up Fascists, and De Luca, unjustly seen as a collaborator, is on the run and trying to keep a low profile.

Posing as an engineer, Giovanni Morandi, he makes friends and enemies in the Apennine town of Sant’Alberta and is obliged to solve a double murder. The case is less interesting than the local colour and period detail, as we watch a proud society picking up the pieces and subsisting on cat stew, cigarettes and, of course, vino.


June 1945. The Second World War has been over for a few months, and as a police officer under the former fascist regime, De Luca reluctantly finds himself on the wrong side of the law. A violent incident at a road block gives him the opportunity to go on the run, but he is soon recognised by an officer of the partisan police, who ropes him into investigating the murder of a local peasant. Italian detective drama, starring Alessandro Preziosi.

Cast & Crew

De Luca Alessandro Preziosi
Leopoldo Pugliese Corrado Fortuna
Roberto Rassetto Rolando Ravello
Valeria Raffaella Rea
Guido Leonardi Stefano Pesce
Francesca Ana Caterina Morariu
Carnera Massimo Venturiello
Writer Francesco Bruni
Writer Andrea Frazzi
Writer Antonio Frazzi
Writer Carlo Lucarelli
Writer Francesco Cenni
Writer Michele Pellegrini
Writer Luca Persiani
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