Series 2 - Episode 2 Nocturne



“I can see how this tickles your fancy,” DI Thursday tells the young Morse, in this 2014 episode. “It’s something out of the ordinary… or downright peculiar if you ask me.” He’s not kidding. A retired heraldic expert is murdered in the local museum where, among other people, a handful of bored girls from a nearby boarding school is enduring a dull visit.

Their school is housed in a creepy country house where 100 years earlier the Blaze-Hamilton family was wiped out by an unknown croquet mallet-wielding murderer. And it’s this unsolved crime that fascinates Endeavour most, fuelled perhaps by the alarming frequency with which the school’s lights are going out followed by Something Sinister Happening. The rest of his colleagues are more interested in the 1966 World Cup.


As England and Argentina kick off in the World Cup quarter-final, Oxford's streets are deserted. At an almost empty museum, Adrian Weiss, a specialist in heraldry and genealogy, is found dead - slain by a ceremonial dagger with links to 19th-century India. An entry in the visitors' book leads Morse to a girls' boarding school, where a note reading `Save Me' is mysteriously slipped into his coat pocket. Digging into the building's troubled history, he finds a connection between Weiss's untimely fate and a series of unsolved murders that occurred on the school's grounds almost 100 years earlier. 1960s-set drama, starring Shaun Evans, with Roger Allam, Anton Lesser, James Bradshaw and Abigail Thaw.

Cast & Crew

DC Endeavour Morse Shaun Evans
DI Fred Thursday Roger Allam
Chief Supt Reginald Bright Anton Lesser
Dr Max DeBryn James Bradshaw
DS Peter Jakes Jack Laskey
PC Jim Strange Sean Rigby
Stephen Fitzowen Desmond Barrit
Miss Bronwen Symes Diane Fletcher
Terence Black Daniel Ings
Miss Victoria Danby Susy Kane
DI Bart Church Simon Kunz
Dorothea Frazil Abigail Thaw
Win Thursday Caroline O'Neill
Wilf Karswell Struan Rodger
Monica Hicks Shvorne Marks
Daisy Weiss Kate Lamb
Bunty Glossop Nell Tiger Free
Philippa Collins-Davidson Anya Taylor-Joy
Edwina Parrish Imogen Gurney
Antonia Lockwood Eve Perry
Stephanie Hackett Maya Gerber
Petra Briers Lucy Boynton
Shelly Thengardi Emily Warren
Nahum Gardiner Michael J Shannon
Tabby Gardiner Lynn Farleigh
Joan Thursday Sara Vickers
Sam Thursday Jack Bannon
Cendree Wyvern Thomas Arnold
Billy Karswell Tom Prior
Ossie Lloyd Ian Peck
Maud Ashenden Eleanor Northcott
Director Giuseppe Capotondi
Executive Producer Michele Buck
Executive Producer Russell Lewis
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Producer Camille Gatin
Writer Russell Lewis
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