Flintoff's Road to Nowhere

Flintoff's Road to Nowhere

Series 1 - Episode 1



The last time former cricketer Andrew Flintoff made a documentary for Sky, he was training to become a pro boxer. The Sky1 bosses must have felt sorry for filming him constantly having his face punched in, for now they’ve sent him on holiday. His destination: the Amazon rainforest.

Of course, this two-parter isn’t just a jolly for Freddie. As he cycles 1,200km with bike-mad journalist Rob Penn along the Trans-Amazonian Highway, the environmental sceptic learns some hard truths about climate change and deforestation. In his bowling days Freddie was pretty effective at knocking down stumps, but 25 days in the saddle may have turned him into a tree hugger.


Part one of two. Former cricketer Andrew Flintoff cycles along the unforgiving terrain of Brazil's Trans-Amazonian Highway, alongside self-confessed `bikeaholic' Rob Penn. Environmental sceptic `Freddie' embarks on the 25-day, 1,200km trek to help him assess the arguments against deforestation. Starting off in Itaituba, the duo overcome their fair share of obstacles, including blistering heat and saddle soreness, as they experience everything from gold-mining and cattle-ranching to the Amazon's very own Little Chef.

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Contributor Andrew Flintoff
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