Series 3 - Episode 5



Ultimately there's a good reason this show is called Stella and not, I don't know, Greetings from Pontyberry or some such. The ensemble are like a family we love seeing once a week, but the heart of the show is always Ruth Jones's creation. Her hopes and feelings are ours.

So this series is easy and uplifting because this year's upward-looking, bright blonde Stella is on form. This week, she and next-door neighbour Michael (Patrick Baladi) move closer, a slow courtship we'll be content to watch unfurl. It starts when she slams his fingers in his car bonnet.

Tonight's comic set piece is a Brenda's Buses trip to a nightclub, featuring two celebrity cameos: X Factor/Big Brother star Rylan Clark, and his teeth.


The nurse's professional skills are tested when she accidentally shuts Michael's hand in his car bonnet, although with her hormones raging, it remains to be seen how much longer she can avoid throwing herself at him. A girls' night out to see TV star Rylan Clark spells trouble for Emma when she continues to fool around with Marcus, Luke has a big question for Zoe and Big Alan asks Celia out for dinner.

Cast & Crew

Stella Ruth Jones
Michael Patrick Baladi
Alan Steve Speirs
Aunty Brenda Di Botcher
Emma Catrin Stewart
Luke Craig Gallivan
Ben Justin Davies
Zoe Bethan Witcomb
Dai Anthony O'Donnell
Bobby Aled Pugh
Daddy Howell Evans
Gwyn Rob Evans
Yanto Russell Gomer
Jagadeesh Pal Aron
Tanisha Sudha Bhuchar
Little Alan Daniel Gammond
Marcus James Thornton
Collette Denise Gough
Verv Eiry Hughes
Parvadi Yasmine Akram
Lenny Gareth Pierce
Celia Emma Rydal
Jan Tilly Blackwood
Himself Rylan Clark
Writer Ruth Jones
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