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Armoured Animals

Series 2 - Episode 2 Armoured Animals

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The venerable broadcaster’s affinity with wildlife is shown repeatedly as his Curiosities return for a deserved second series. In the first two episodes, the utterly natural naturalist lies down in a Komodo dragon enclosure, holds a hedgehog and does a piece to camera next to an Indian rhinoceros, all with equal ease. And when the rhino nudges him – more than a little worryingly – Sir David merely says, “Wooah!” and pats it. That is why we love him.

As with series one, he groups creatures together thematically (here: armoured animals) and unpicks the myths that once surrounded them. Find out why we once thought hedgehogs climbed apple trees, and why a rhino called Clara was an 18th-century celebrity. And don’t let words like “parthenogenesis” make you change channel: our host needs nothing more than wooden tablets to explain. It’s eye-widening education of the simplest but highest order.


Naturalist David Attenborough explores animal oddities, looking at two different animals with curiously distinctive evolutionary quirks, linked together by a common theme. In this instalment, he examines how hedgehogs and rhinos have developed protective skins.

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