Supply and Demand

Series 6 - Episode 24 Supply and Demand



The sixth season reaches its climax with a stonking thriller of an episode involving human trafficking and bodies found in a car trunk. But first, after Hotch calls the team in early one morning, the members of the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit have that unsettling feeling there may be changes in the office. The sort of changes that mean some of them may not be working there any more. Blimey, you spend your life hunting down serial killers at great personal cost. Then you learn government cuts mean… hey, this is supposed to be escapist entertainment, not a real-life horror show.

Computer research whizz Penelope Garcia is finding it hard to tell the difference any more. “I’m sick of the sickos,” she announces. Could it be she’s about to buy that farm? Joking apart, it’s nail-biting stuff.


The BAU discovers two bodies in the boot of a car and an agent faces a life-threatening situation during the hunt for the leader of a human-trafficking ring.

Cast & Crew

David Rossi Joe Mantegna
Aaron Hotchner Thomas Gibson
Derek Morgan Shemar Moore
Dr Spencer Reid Matthew Gray Gubler
Penelope Garcia Kirsten Vangsness
Jennifer `JJ' Jareau AJ Cook
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