Call the Midwife

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Call the Midwife

Series 3 - Episode 4



It could go either way – you might find this episode so moving you have to be given oxygen as you gasp for air between sobs, or you might find it so cloying it blocks all of your major arteries. Even if it’s the latter, you’ll truly have a heart of granite if even just a small tear doesn’t leak from your flinty eyes.

And it all starts so well as Jenny is delighted to be asked to go to Brighton for the weekend by her boyfriend Alec. But are his intentions honourable? Or does he plan to defile and sully our dearest midwife? Jenny starts to wonder…

Meanwhile the Mother-Of-The-Week is a fragile young thing who’s worried about her sickly mum, who hasn’t left the house in 12 years. Of course, there’s a sad story behind all of this, one that the new nun, Sister Winifred, tries to unearth.


Jenny has an eventful few days, starting with a patient who as well as having herself to worry about, is also struggling to cope with her mother, an agoraphobic who hasn't been outside for at least 12 years. On top of that, Alec asks the midwife to accompany him to Brighton for the weekend, leaving her wondering if his intentions are strictly honourable. However, things soon take a tragic turn. Meanwhile, Shelagh joins the local choir to take her mind off her problems. Jessica Raine, Leo Staar and Laura Main star.

Cast & Crew

Jenny Lee Jessica Raine
Sister Julienne Jenny Agutter
Sister Evangelina Pam Ferris
Chummy Noakes Miranda Hart
Sister Monica Joan Judy Parfitt
Nurse Trixie Franklin Helen George
Cynthia Miller Bryony Hannah
Shelagh Turner Laura Main
Sister Winifred Victoria Yeates
PC Peter Noakes Ben Caplan
Dr Patrick Turner Stephen McGann
Fred Buckle Cliff Parisi
Alec Jesmond Leo Staar
Timothy Turner Max Macmillan
Leah Moss Orion Ben
Charlie Moss Ilan Goodman
Clive Howard Dominic Tighe
Mrs Tzirale Rubin Beverley Klein
Kitty Chubb Helen Phillips
Mr Delaney Timothy Speyer
Nurse Mills Amanda Daniels
Tom Hereward Jack Ashton
Voice of mature Jenny Vanessa Redgrave
Director Juliet May
Producer Hugh Warren
Writer Gabbie Asher
Writer Heidi Thomas
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