Inspector George Gently

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Blue for Bluebird

Series 6 - Episode 2 Blue for Bluebird



A young woman’s body is found on chilly Saltburn beach on the North East coast. She’s a singer (played by songstrel Pixie Lott) from a nearby holiday camp. Meanwhile Inspector George Gently (Martin Shaw) is gazing from a hilltop, and you can be sure it’s not the biting wind that’s making his eyes water as he clutches his dead wife’s wedding ring to his heart.

But life, and work, must go on, as Gently and his brittle sidekick Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) head to the Bluebird camp where the answer to the girl’s death must surely lie. They find a sad place that’s on its financial uppers, run by a nervous boss and his confident sister. It’s a polished tale with some strong performances in supporting roles, particularly Emma Fielding as the dead girl’s frosty mother and My Mad Fat Diary’s Jodie Comer as her best friend.


A young woman's body is washed up beside a pier, leading Gently and Bacchus to question the staff and guests of the nearby holiday camp where she worked. It turns out she was a popular member of staff, a charismatic performer and great with the guests - but her mother's reaction to her death makes the detectives suspect there is more to her family situation than meets the eye. And when her colleagues' alibis for the night of the murder don't quite stack up, a different picture of the victim - and the camp - comes to light. Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby star, with guest appearances from Pixie Lott, Lee Boardman, Lisa Riley and Andrea Lowe.

Cast & Crew

George Gently Martin Shaw
John Bacchus Lee Ingleby
Rachel Coles Lisa McGrillis
Agnes Webb Emma Fielding
Todd Stretch Lee Boardman
Cherry Stretch Andrea Lowe
Megan Webb Pixie Lott
Sylvia Ryan Lisa Riley
Justine Leyland Jodie Comer
Gary Manners Neil McDermott
Patrick Webb Sean Kenney
Leigh Anne Bacchus Katie Anderson
Lisa Bacchus Melanie Clark Pullen
Gail Arnold Amelia Young
Little girl Isabelle Walters
Director Bill Anderson
Producer Matthew Bird
Writer Jess Williams
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