Murdoch Mysteries

The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch

Series 7 - Episode 3 The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch

Saturday 8am - 9am Alibi
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Making a movie can be murder. A man is shot dead during a demonstration of a moving picture with sound and then an actor is injured during the shooting of a film about William Murdoch himself. The turn-of-the-century detective isn’t sure about the subject matter. “Are you sure this is going to work – murder and crime as entertainment?” he asks incredulously.

This week’s arch references to real life and history include inventor Thomas Edison (David Storch) planning to launch the motion picture industry in California. Murdoch still can’t see it: “I’m not sure I can envy a future where everybody wastes their lives staring at a screen watching made-up stories.”


Thomas Edison becomes a murder suspect after a shot is fired in a movie house to coincide with the noise of a bullet in the film being presented by one of his rivals in sound technology. The victim is inventor James Pendrick's principal investor, but Ogden reasons the target was Pendrick himself. Crime drama, starring Yannick Bisson and Helene Joy.

Cast & Crew

Det William Murdoch Yannick Bisson
Insp Brackenreid Thomas Craig
Dr Julia Ogden Helene Joy
Cons George Crabtree Jonny Harris
Dr Emily Grace Georgina Reilly
Cons Henry Higgins Lachlan Murdoch
James Pendrick Peter Stebbings
Charlotte/Minerva Fairchild Charlotte Sullivan
Thomas Edison David Storch
Lincoln Prescott Jefferson Brown
Eleanor Grimes Trish Lindstrom
Director Gail Harvey
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