Discovering: Blur

Discovering: Blur

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This enjoyable biography charts the rise of the band that, perhaps more than any other, came to symbolise British guitar music in the 90s. Inescapably, those execrable clichés "Britpop" and "Cool Britannia" are tossed about with impunity, but the programme's makers have at least shown some restraint in not dwelling too long on the manufactured feud with a certain Manchester group.

Instead, we get a potted visual discography that showcases a string of intelligently crafted pop albums — as well as a fine selection of Damon Albarn's jumpers.


Documentary charting the rise of one of Britain's biggest indie rock groups, from their 1980s origins at London's Goldsmiths College to their 1994 number one album Parklife. Music critics Michael Bonner, Hamish MacBain and John Aizlewood examine how Food Records helped the four-piece band - Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree - find fame with their distinctly English sound.
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