Duck Quacks Don't Echo

Ruth Jones, Mel C & Dara O Briain

Series 1 - Episode 1 Ruth Jones, Mel C & Dara O Briain

Tue 31 Jul 3am - 4am Sky One


Lee Mack is a past master at the panel show game, but his new show is a very different beast from Would I Lie to You? It’s a much looser, far less competitive affair in which guests propose some unbelievable facts – eg touching anyone’s upper arm will help you get what you want from them – which are then put to the test.

The guests in this first episode are Dara O Briain, Ruth Jones and Melanie C, whose suggestions afford Mack the opportunity to show off his quicksilver wit – as well as the obligatory gag about the Spice Girls, he also deduces that the inside of Jones’s mind is like a Disney film.

The best bits are those impromptu moments: Mack riffing about the baldness of a stagehand and an unexpected camera shot a lesser man would have left on the cutting-room floor.


Lee Mack hosts the comedy panel game, with guests Dara O Briain, Ruth Jones and Mel C revealing their favourite facts, which are then tested to see if they are scientifically accurate.

Cast & Crew

Host Lee Mack
Guest Dara O Briain
Guest Ruth Jones
Guest Mel C