The Royle Family

Nana Comes to Stay

Series 2 - Episode 4 Nana Comes to Stay



Nana is staying with the family while she recuperates from her recent cataract operation and Barbara is anxious that Jim will hit the roof if she stays much longer. Antony is having love troubles, most of which are thanks to constant teasing from his family. When he finally storms off, the rest of the family are left blaming one another for who upset him most, all except Nana, who is fast asleep.

Cast & Crew

Norma Speakman Liz Smith
Antony Royle Ralf Little
Denise Best Caroline Aherne
Dave Best Craig Cash
Jim Royle Ricky Tomlinson
Barbara Royle Sue Johnston
Director Steve Bendelack
Producer Kenton Allen
Writer Caroline Aherne
Writer Craig Cash
Writer Carmel Morgan
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