Justice Served

Series 4 - Episode 8 Justice Served



Mob lawyer Angelo Gallo is shot and narrowly escapes with his life. As Frank looks into the attempted hit, he tries to persuade Gallo to testify against one of his clients. Danny is called for jury duty and ends up reinvestigating the case, while Jamie must stop Jenko from taking the law into her own hands after she is assaulted by a man with whom she went on a date. Guest starring Chazz Palminteri.

Cast & Crew

Frank Reagan Tom Selleck
Danny Reagan Donnie Wahlberg
Jamie Reagan Will Estes
Henry Reagan Len Cariou
Nicky Reagan-Boyle Sami Gayle
Linda Reagan Amy Carlson
Erin Reagan-Boyle Bridget Moynahan
Officer Edit Jenko Vanessa Ray
Det Maria Baez Marisa Ramirez
Angelo Gallo Chazz Palminteri
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