Inspector George Gently

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Gently Between the Lines

Series 6 - Episode 1 Gently Between the Lines

Tuesday 11am - 1pm Alibi
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Thu 30 Jan, 12:40am - 2:45am Alibi


Spoiler alert – well, not really! Inspector George Gently and his sidekick John Bacchus, whom we last saw writhing in agony on the floor of Durham Cathedral after being shot, DID NOT DIE. Obviously, or they wouldn’t be back for a new series.

It’s 1969, Gently (Martin Shaw) has recovered from his wounds and has returned to work, but Bacchus (Lee Ingleby), in a police convalescent home, has handed in his resignation, having lost his confidence. Gently insists that Bacchus must work his notice and the two cops are called to a Newcastle police station where a suspect has died in custody after a riot.

As they investigate, Gently not-so-subtly works on his sidekick as he tries to convince him to stay in the force. It’s a solid police drama, as solid as the eponymous hero, a gruff, occasionally volcanic (Shaw gets shouty a couple of times, so brace yourselves) cop-with-a-conscience.


It's 1969 and six months since the shootings in Durham Cathedral, and while Gently is almost back to full fitness, Bacchus has lost his confidence and tenders his resignation. Gently is determined to help his sergeant, so he gets him involved in one last case, the death in custody of a man arrested during a street protest - an investigation that leaves both detectives questioning what it means to be a police officer at a time when attitudes to the force are changing. Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby star, with Lisa McGrillis, Steve Evets and Ruth Gemmell.

Cast & Crew

George Gently Martin Shaw
John Bacchus Lee Ingleby
Rachel Coles Lisa McGrillis
Ronny Hanratty Steve Evets
Irene Seddon Ruth Gemmell
Chief Lewington Robert Pugh
PC Neil Sidwell Charlie Richmond
PC David Baird Matt Stokoe
Terry Hanson Alan Renwick
PC Chris Stockdale Chris Connel
Charlie Seddon Finn Burridge
Robbie Seddon Liam Caffry
Simon Thomas Paul Dingwall
Sgt Archie Dawson Michael Hodgson
Nurse Margaret Samantha Morris
Katherine Thomas Caroline O'Neil
Bob Anderton Don Gallagher
PC Taylor Simon Hubbard
Librarian Fiona Boylan
ICU nurse Cheryl Dixon
Director Nicholas Renton
Producer Matthew Bird
Writer Timothy Prager
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