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Northern Ireland

Series 3 - Episode 3 Northern Ireland



After the horrors he’s witnessed or had described to him on previous trips this series to India and Papua New Guinea, Ross Kemp is slightly closer to home as he visits Northern Ireland.

Here, even 15 years after the Good Friday peace agreement was signed, tensions still exist on both sides of the “peace walls”. And if you’re there, like Kemp, during the summer marching season, the atmosphere is even more heightened, as bricks – and, oddly, full bottles of pop – are thrown and the police, who are suited up as if for medieval combat, attempt to keep opposing factions apart.

Ever impartial, Kemp allows both Unionists and Republicans to have their say: is there any light at the end of this long tunnel of conflict?


Ross travels to Northern Ireland to find that, more than 15 years after the Good Friday peace agreement, the country is still deeply divided. Setting out to discover what makes people on both sides reluctant to let go of the past, he meets taxi drivers who offer tours of the sites of the Troubles, sees the towering `peace walls' that keep the different communities apart and witnesses a peak in the violence during the July marching season. He also accompanies police officers to see how they try to keep the peace as the bottles and bricks rain down on the first of four nights of protest.

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Presenter Ross Kemp