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Bad Reputations

Series 2 - Episode 5 Bad Reputations

Sat 23 Nov 11am - 11:30am Eden
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Much of the appeal of these natural treasures lies in their astonishing discovery stories. Lurid early accounts resulted in a bad rep for both the gorilla and vampire bat, and were often merely slaking the public’s thirst for sensationalism. But Guy the Gorilla’s 30-year residency at London Zoo until 1978 did much to convince the public otherwise. The very latest findings on the vampire bat are equally antithetical – and surprising.

Sir David repeatedly rekindles our childlike wonder at the world with simple demos like the sound of corn roots growing... and did you know cabbages communicate with each other by smell?


David Attenborough takes a look at gorillas and vampire bats, two species that have unfairly gained unpleasant reputation within the animal kingdom.

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Presenter David Attenborough