Bad Blood

Series 1 - Episode 13 Bad Blood



It sounds like a ham-fisted idea on paper, but this modern-day update of Washington Irving's supernatural classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has been surprisingly enjoyable. Its wild, witty fusion of cobwebbed American history and fiery End Times mythology is hard to resist.

As series one reaches its dizzying climax, 19th century time traveller Ichabod Crane and his partner Abbie travel to Purgatory to enlist the help of Crane's wife Katrina. But will they escape this treacherous realm to prevent the Horseman of War's arrival in the real world? 

If you're a latecomer, catch up with series one before the second run starts later this year.


Ichabod and Abbie discover that they must free Katrina from Purgatory if they hope to contain the second horseman, War. However, she can only be released if someone is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Supernatural mystery, starring Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie.

Cast & Crew

Ichabod Crane Tom Mison
Abbie Mills Nicole Beharie
Capt Frank Irving Orlando Jones
Katrina Crane Katia Winter