Horizon: How You Really Make Decisions

Horizon: How You Really Make Decisions

Series 50



Every day we make thousands of decisions – between 2,000 and 10,000, apparently. But how do we make them? Horizon walks us through the growing body of research showing that our deliberate, logical thought processes aren’t as important as we – and they – think they are.

Our rational self is like a minor character who thinks they're the star of the show, when in fact it’s our automatic, intuitive mind that does the work, like a hidden autopilot. The conflict between these two systems results in all kinds of glitches and everyday mistakes, as a series of seemingly trivial experiments reveal. Would you notice if you jogged past a fight? Don’t be too sure...


Every day people make thousands of choices and behind all of them is the mind pitting intuition against logic. Psychologist and Nobel Prize-winner Daniel Kahneman explores this conflict that affects every aspect of life from diet to what money is spent on, revealing that the intuitive part of the brain can be surprisingly powerful.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Daniel Kahneman
Director Toby Macdonald
Producer Toby Macdonald
Series Editor Aidan Laverty
Documentary Science