Agatha Christie's Marple

Why Didn't They Ask Evans?

Series 4 - Episode 4 Why Didn't They Ask Evans?



A man is found near death sprawled out on a cliff with the words “Why didn’t they ask Evans?” on his lips. But before he can elaborate, the chap breathes his last, leaving the person who found him – would-be amateur sleuth Bobby Attfield (Sean Bigerstaff) – keen to investigate the killing.

Teaming up with socialite Frankie Derwent (Georgia Moffett), the pair find the clues lead to Castle Savage, one of those sprawling estates peopled with the usual retinue of oddballs (look out for a decent guest turn from The Shadow Line’s chief cat-botherer Rafe Spall) who specialise in such things as lethal orchids and poisonous snakes. Somewhere in all this is Miss Marple (Julia McKenzie), looking extraneous after being parachuted into a story in which she didn’t originally feature. But even though she spends much of the time snooping from her wing-back chair, she comes good in the end with some expert deductions, despite very un-Christie-like plot twists.


As the sole witness to a dying man's last words, Bobby Attfield is determined to solve the riddle they present, and forms an unlikely alliance with socialite Frankie Derwent and visiting family friend Miss Marple to help him on his quest. A trail of clues leads them to Castle Savage, where they uncover a hotbed of stifled emotion, treachery and deceit among its strange inhabitants. Murder mystery, starring Julia McKenzie, with a supporting cast that includes Sean Biggerstaff, Samantha Bond, Richard Briers, Rafe Spall, Warren Clarke, Mark Williams, Georgia Moffett, Helen Lederer and Rik Mayall.

Cast & Crew

Miss Marple Julia McKenzie
Bobby Attfield Sean Biggerstaff
John Carstairs David Buchanan
Florrie Siwan Morris
Marjorie Attfield Helen Lederer
Frankie Derwent Georgia Moffett
Sylvia Savage Samantha Bond
Wilson Richard Briers
Tom Savage Freddie Fox
Alec Nicholson Rik Mayall
Dorothy Savage Hannah Murray
Roger Bassington Rafe Spall
Moira Nicholson Natalie Dormer
Cmdr Peters Warren Clarke
Claude Evans Mark Williams
Young George Savage Basher Savage
Young Sylvia Sarah Ridgeway
Young Jack Savage Rupert Savage
Director Nicholas Renton
Producer Karen Thrussell
Writer Patrick Barlow
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