Ross Kemp: Extreme World


Series 3 - Episode 1 India



In December 2012 the death of Jyoti Singh, a 23-year-old student who’d been gang raped and beaten on a Delhi bus, made headlines worldwide. But less widely acknowledged is the trafficking of girls and young women, often stolen from rural communities and sold into the Indian sex industry. It’s reckoned that some 65 million Indian girls and young women are victims, but very little official recognition is given to the trade, or attempts made to curtail it.

Ross Kemp gets increasingly but quite understandably dispirited as he films under cover in a series of seedy Mumbai brothels, and accompanies a West Bengal couple, whose two-year-old daughter was stolen, as they try, fruitlessly, to complain to the police. Most chillingly, he listens as a young trafficker, hidden behind dark glasses and a big baseball cap, blithely confesses to the most appalling of crimes.


The actor and his documentary team expose stories of crime and hardship around the world, beginning with sex trafficking in India. Ross visits the notorious red-light district of Mumbai, where secretly filmed footage reveals not only the scale of the industry but how young some of the girls trapped in it are. He also travels across country to West Bengal, meeting families whose daughters have been taken from them, and comes face to face with a sex trafficker who confesses to many shocking acts that leave the presenter and his team stunned.

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Presenter Ross Kemp