Series 2 - Episode 1



John Luther, damaged detective and tormented soul, is back, using his almost supernatural intuition and empathy to track down a killer who dons a Halloween fright mask to attack lone women in dark streets.

Luther (Idris Elba) is some sort of restless genius, living in squalor after the murder of his beloved estranged wife at the end of the first series, yet now heading the serious and serial crime unit. It’s hard to believe, as surely a man as deranged by grief and his own character flaws as Luther should at the very least be on sick leave, if not booted from the police force all together.

His cheeky, pouting nemesis, barmy killer Alice (the smashing Ruth Wilson), is now behind the high walls of a secure institution, yet still she maintains her strange hold over Luther, who drops in for a chat. Oh Silence of the Lambs, you have so much to answer for.


A grieving Luther returns to work in the wake of his ex-wife's murder, and immediately finds himself plunged into a nightmarish case. A killer wearing a Punch mask has started to stalk the streets, and as the body count rises, it becomes clear he is determined to enter folklore. However, the detective's attentions are divided as he also tries to rescue an old friend's daughter from the dangerous world of prostitution. Crime thriller, starring Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson.

Cast & Crew

DCI John Luther Idris Elba
Alice Morgan Ruth Wilson
Det Supt Martin Schenk Dermot Crowley
DS Justin Ripley Warren Brown
Mark North Paul McGann
DS Erin Gray Nikki Amuka-Bird
Benny `Deadhead' Silver Michael Smiley
Jenny Jones Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Caroline Jones Kierston Wareing
Cameron Pell Lee Ingleby
Candice Calvert Bryony Afferson
Abby Anna Brewster
Baba Pam Ferris
Director Sam Miller
Producer Katie Swinden
Writer Neil Cross
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